Friday, March 8, 2013

Playing around with a new Toy

With a new IPhone that is (mom, if you are reading post and want my old phone, I'll save it for you)  (****Update**** Mom wants the phone****)
 I broke down and bought the latest  version with all the bells and whistles including a much better camera.  Hopefully, I'll be able to blog a little more with the new phone as well.So this post is a test of sorts. Normally, I have to doctor my photos before posting but I'm hoping with the better camera on the iPhone 5 I won't have to do that.
I have a few more items that I'm going to part with and before taking them to thrift store, thought I would offer them to you to see if there are any takers.
First item is a Jennifer Schneeman small. It is a little angel with wings. It is signed and dated by her. Kindly, asking $15 plus shipping for her.
UPDATE- SOLD- Thank you

The next two items are sewing pocket made by Sharon Smith. You know the gal with all the wonderful rug hooking patterns. I purchased these ( or maybe we traded wool, can't remember) from her when I taught a class in Minnesota.  They are made out if wool, velvet, beads, vintage trim and buttons. Truly works on art. My pictures just don't do justice to these sewing pockets. The insides of the sewing pockets would be great for holding small scissors, needles, threads and even hooks. Kindly asking $20 each plus shipping.

UPDATE- SOLD- Thankyou

The next one..

The last item is an original theorem painted by Ann Rhea. It depicts a log cabin and bird. I paid $55 for it years ago. Kindly asking $18 plus shipping.


So all in all the new phone works well. Only problem is that some of my photos are upside down. I'll have to work on that.

If anyone is interested in any of the items, email me at



WoolenSails said...

Wonderful pieces, it is always fun to explore different mediums. I love my iphone, balked for years on a cell phone, but I am used to macs so the iphone is easy for me to use and great for travel.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I want the new one, too!!! The pictures are much better ~ good for you!!