Monday, December 7, 2009

Tried Needle Punch for a change of pattern

After hooking like a mad woman to get the gift done for the baby shower (dog rug), I put away my hook for a punch needle project. I punched this little snowman for a hostess gift.
I put the snowman into a little shadow box frame I had bought a year or so ago for a buck at the dollar store. It had a chinese design in it which I removed and placed my punch needle into it.

Below is the pattern which I thought I'd share with you.

You are free to punch it or hook it....Just give me credit for the design. Also, here are the DMC floss colors that I used for the pattern: background, (597 & 598), snowman (644,822 & 3033),scarf (347 & 3328), hat, (black and dark gray), eyes and arm, (black), nose (orange).

Speaking of the dog rug, here is a picture of the finished rug. Photobucket My neice seemed to like it and the colors were perfect for her nursery. Around the border, I used the technique of beading and pulled colors from the dog (blue and brown). I also rolled several circles to add some whimsy to the rug which you see better in this picture. Photobucket
You can see where I added the rolled wool into the rug. I just love this technique and think it would be fun to do a sheep with the circles in it. Thanks to Alice of Kindred Spirits for showing me this great technique.

And just for fun, I was playing with one of the editing functions in photobucket and came up with the pop art picture.
Have a good week. Maria