Sunday, March 24, 2013

A long over due post

When I was transferring photos from my old phone to my new one, I came across some photos from my 2012 Sauder Village class and realized I never posted any pictures from the class. So I figured it was better late than never.

The class was called flower basket with a twist. In the class, I taught how to make "proddy like" flowers that are not proddied.
The wool is cut, rolled and sewn into flowers which are attached to the linen with needle and thread. Unlike proddy, these flowers can easily be made into pins.

During class, I showed several different examples of flowers including, bittersweet, pink cone flowers, sunflowers, bee balm, and black eyes Susan.

This was one of the class samples (the class favorite) sunflowers and bittersweet in a blue ball jar.

Works in progress.....

Love the flower in this one.....

I had a huge selection of wool to choose from so participants were able to personalize and select their own colors.

Don't you just love the amber colored ball jar of this rug?
This was another class sample for the students to hook.
Check out the awesome flowers that were made!

And this was the last class sample
Love what Heidi was doing with the pattern. She is very creative and I know she will find cool ways to use this technique to make items other than rugs.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope your day ia a creative one! Maria

Friday, March 22, 2013

Just had to share this rug

You know how there are some rugs that just make you smile? Well, this is one of those rugs for me. This is my version of the antique rug. 

I don't know what it is about this rug but it just makes me happy. 

Maybe it's the asymmetrical composition of this rug?

The colors? 
Or the simplicity of the rug?

Recently, a customer asked me to make a kit of this rug for her. As I had only needlepunched this design, I had to hook it quickly so that I could prepare the kit for her.  Below is the antique rug. 
My rendition in Needle Punch.....

  I was able to hook the pattern, which is 22 x 22", by using the Amy Oxford punch needle in only 5 days.  Thanks for stopping by, Maria

********   UPDATE   *******
I have several inquiries about the cost of the kit and it is $160 plus shipping.



Friday, March 8, 2013

Playing around with a new Toy

With a new IPhone that is (mom, if you are reading post and want my old phone, I'll save it for you)  (****Update**** Mom wants the phone****)
 I broke down and bought the latest  version with all the bells and whistles including a much better camera.  Hopefully, I'll be able to blog a little more with the new phone as well.So this post is a test of sorts. Normally, I have to doctor my photos before posting but I'm hoping with the better camera on the iPhone 5 I won't have to do that.
I have a few more items that I'm going to part with and before taking them to thrift store, thought I would offer them to you to see if there are any takers.
First item is a Jennifer Schneeman small. It is a little angel with wings. It is signed and dated by her. Kindly, asking $15 plus shipping for her.
UPDATE- SOLD- Thank you

The next two items are sewing pocket made by Sharon Smith. You know the gal with all the wonderful rug hooking patterns. I purchased these ( or maybe we traded wool, can't remember) from her when I taught a class in Minnesota.  They are made out if wool, velvet, beads, vintage trim and buttons. Truly works on art. My pictures just don't do justice to these sewing pockets. The insides of the sewing pockets would be great for holding small scissors, needles, threads and even hooks. Kindly asking $20 each plus shipping.

UPDATE- SOLD- Thankyou

The next one..

The last item is an original theorem painted by Ann Rhea. It depicts a log cabin and bird. I paid $55 for it years ago. Kindly asking $18 plus shipping.


So all in all the new phone works well. Only problem is that some of my photos are upside down. I'll have to work on that.

If anyone is interested in any of the items, email me at