Friday, March 5, 2010

Taa Dah!

Here is a picture of the quilt.
Sorry it isn't the clearest of photos but I wanted you to see it. I'm pretty darn happy that this little quilt is almost completed. I was able to piece it together in 2 nights and had one of my friends quilt it for me on her long arm machine. Didn't she do a wonderful job? Now all I have to do is add the binding. I'm thinking brown...what do you think? Enjoy the weekend. Maria

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I may have lost my mind!

You know why I took up hooking almost 20 years ago? Quilting! I used to quilt and could never line my points up so I took up a more forgiving craft, rug hooking, where perfection is not required. I haven't quilted in nearly 20 years.
So why have I lost my mind? Well it starts with this wonderful assortment of fabric. Aren't the colors wonderful? Photobucket
Throw in the sewing machine which constantly gives me fits.
Oh and did I mention, one of the last times I used this thing, I sewed over my finger nail...painful, very painful! Photobucket

Add in a rotary cutter and mat which makes me just cringe as I can't cut worth a darn with a rotary cutter.

And finally a quilt pattern. Really....I know you are asking yourself if that really is a quilt design and the answer is yes. Photobucket
I'm putting a baby basket together for a fund raiser and one of the items is going to be a baby quilt. So check back to see how this comes together and wish me luck. Maria