Friday, August 30, 2013

Calling all dog lovers

I'm so excited to be carrying this new pattern from Pam Watkins. She designed this rug for camp at Holland this past July. It was such a darling pattern that it just had to be shared with other dog lovers! This pattern is of a dachshund but it can be customized for your breed of dog. It will be offered on my website soon.

Contact me if interested in purchasing the pattern. Thanks for stopping by, Maria

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Check out the latest finish

Gail sent me this photo of her finished Garden Rabbit rug and I just had to share it. The colors she chose are terrific! I love the pink in her flowers. She worked on the pattern in Punderson this spring.

Thanks for sharing Gail! Keep those photos coming ladies! Maria

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hooray for Carolyn!

I received an email from Carolyn Saturday regarding a rug I designed for her last June for the Tyler Star of Texas rug camp. The Kirby Hooking Circle in Houston had its annual June Hook-yin. There were about 70 hookers plus vendors and Carolyn's Trick or Treat Halloween Rug won Viewers Choice Award. Way to go CAROLYN! The rug looks fantastic...
Carolyn's rug is awesome but I would be remiss if I didn't mention what a sweetheart this lady is! A true southern lady...what a gem.

2013 Sauder workshop

I was fortunate to teach a one day workshop at Sauder village this year. The class was called turning flat into Dimensional.  The participants had their choice of the samples shown in the first two pictures. 
Most of the participants chose either the owl or the snowman with the hat. The owl was pretty awesome if I don't say so myself, because he had this wonderful yarn for his chest area.  We did have a rebel in the Group who decided to do the pumpkin and wait till you see it.  Four people completely finished their projects during class and many of the other participants were well on their way to completion. 

My samples.....
Two more choices for participants.....

Isn't the pumpkin Just the best?  Kathleen really embellished this guy to the hilt! 

She even used a real pumpkin stem!  Don't you just love the beads on the back? JACK! 

And look what Diane did with her owl.  I had an antique masher as a prop to use. Well Diane very cleverly turned it into feet for the owl!  How stinking cute is that?  

Mary's snowman is adorable as well!  
Here is a picture of Diane with her owl!
What a great and creative class!  Thanks for stopping by, Maria