Friday, February 5, 2016

Paint program

Lately I have been using the Paint program (a free program that comes with most computers) to help me with my color choices for my rugs. When designing and color planning the challenge rug, I used the Paint program and played with the color design and finally decided on my palette. 
First, I transferred the design to the computer and added a few colors. 

I continued to add colors until I was happy with the overall color placement. 

Next, I chose the background color which was black to make all the colors pop. 
Next, I added some additional pops of color with the circles and decided I was happy with it and began hooking it. 

I have been using the paint program more frequently and have found it really helps me color plan my rugs. You can instantly see if you like the colors and if not erase them and try new colors. Oftentimes color planning is the most challenging part of hooking a rug. So the paint program has saved me several hours of frustration. 
Thanks for stopping by, Maria

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Challenge Rug

I recently joined a hooking challenge through the Facebook Group, Out of Hand Rug Hookers. Lori Brechlin challenged the group, which is over 2000 strong, to design a rug based upon motifs she provided to the group. Motifs ranged from whales to mice. There were over 15 motifs along with the alphabet and numbers to use in the design of our rugs. The finished rug had to be 18 x 24 in size and we could only use motifs provided.
The rugs created by the challenge group, over 100,  were incredible and diverse. Some people used all the motifs while some (me included) chose just a few motifs to use in our rugs. 
For my design, I went simple. I used 3 Motifs, the rooster, heart and circles (which was the o in the alphabet). I enlarged the rooster to fill most of the rug. To give the rug a little more interest, I added the heart and circle. 
Now most of you probably wouldn't have guessed this was my rug because of the bright colors used. It was definitely outside my color palette but I really wanted to push myself to try something different at least color wise. 
To help me with my color choices, I used the program paint on my laptop. That will be the subject of another blog post.

Here is a small sampling of the rugs from the challenge just to give you an idea of the diversity and creativity of the participants. 
A Good Mouse is a Dead Mouse is Kris Miller's rug and it is wonderful.  From the saying to that little mouse on his back, I love everything about it. Kris chose the challenge motifs of the cats, mouse,  branch and alphabet to design her rug. 
The house rug is Alice Fraizer's and I am  smitten with it. I just love a dark background and primitive colors. For her motifs, Alice used the lollipop trees, house and bird.
Isn't Lauren Fuqua's rug wonderful as well?  The soft colors of her rug make me smile. Lauren used the lollipop tree, horse, bird, mouse, rooster, dog and cat in her challenge rug.
The final rug was hooked by Lilly and it too is awesome.  The scallop detail arround the border really sets off the motifs, which I love.  Lilly used the lollipop tree and peacock to design her rug. 

See what I mean about the challenge rugs?  They are all so unique and creative!  

Thanks for stopping by, Maria