Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sari Ribbon ~ have you used it?

I love Sari Ribbon and like to incorporate it into rugs every once in a while. The sheen and texture of Sari ribbon just adds a little flair  to a rug. For instance, in the pattern below, Sari ribbon was perfect to introduce to the witch's dress. Ann tied a bow and left the ends lie loosely on the dress. Clever!
Denise actually hooked the collar of the dress with Sari Ribbon and like Ann, let the ends lie on top of the dress adding additional texture to the rug.
Check out how this hooker used Sari ribbon in the border to creature interest and texture.
Here is a Closeup of the border. I love how the Sari  ribbon actually stands a little higher than the wool and really frames the rug nicely. Even though the Sari ribbon and wool are the same color, you can definitely tell that  the border is different and interesting.

Sari ribbon and yarn were worked together to create this adorable, colorful flower basket. See what I mean about Sari Ribbon?  It is just stands out.
Look how it is used here to create a ruffle in a dress. Love this!
Or here where it is used for the collar.
Sari Ribbon is perfect for this colorful rooster.

I purchase my Sari Ribbon from Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studio. Check out her awesome colors. 

 From Top to bottom. Sand, fuchsia, salmon, ruby, evergreen, olive, fig.

Top to bottom:  periwinkle, purple, smoke, spruce, teal, topaz, sapphire. She sells Sari Ribbon by the Hank, $7.50 and 1/2 Hank for $3.75 and as you can see, she has some wonderful colors to choose from. You can contact her at Spruce Ridge Studios

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Another rabbit

I just finished this little guy and love how sweet it is.

My obsession with turquoise worked its way into a rug. The tiny hits of it just speak to me.  I will definitely be using bits of it here and there in rugs to come. Do you have a color that you always like to hook into rug?

And as always had to add a little purple (eye) to rug. 

It is available as a pattern 10 x 13 ~ $23 and kit for $45 plus shipping. 

Here is a sneak peak of a rug that is on my frame. I'm in love with this pattern, Fawn, SpringBean, and can't wait to finish it.

See the turquoise?  Thanks for stopping by, Maria