Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Little Devil Girl

Last fall I designed a rug with 6 characters for a delightful lady in my Star of Texas class in Tyler. She loved my Halloween characters but wanted the rug to have the phrase "trick or treat smell my feet or give me something good to eat". So in order to get the phrase on the pattern (the pattern is long) I had to create some new characters. Count Dracula was one and this little Devil Girl is another. While I just can't seem to find the time to hook all the designs I have created, I can collage them fairly quickly.
Here is what the gal looked like after painting.....
But the real fun and magic starts during the collage phase. I just love how these characters take on such personality when the collaging begins...
Some of my painted paper ready for collaging.

More paper....

Whenever I paint, I put down wax paper to protect my counters and I just love what I looks like when I'm done. But I'm thinking if I put paper down instead, I could use the paper vs wax paper for collaging. Ah something to think about.

Here is what my paint palette looked like during the underpainting stage.

We just recently returned from Florida and I finished this gal while on the plane. I'll upload the finished piece for you to see as well as some new pieces tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by....Maria

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