Saturday, February 23, 2013

A couple of Works in Progress and New Collage project

I wanted to share with you a few rugs I've been working on in between collages. Count Dracula is nearly done but I need to rework a few areas of him before I am happy.  Normally, I like to wait to share my rugs until they are done but tonight thought it would be a good opportunity to share them in progress.  There is something that is bugging me about this rug and I think it is the face.  Don't know exactly what it is but something just is not working for me.  Maybe I'll try outlining the face with a darker green.  
Sweet Bea is well on her way too...For the background, I just grabbed my blue worm basket and started hooking. I can see from this picture that I need to do a little reverse hooking with the blue.  The light blue wool around her head and under her arms is just not working well...Stay turned for those changes.
Here is my next collage project.  I've painted the paper and am ready to start tearing paper and pasting it. 
Thanks for stopping by... Maria


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Maria! your Sweet Bea rug is tooooo cute! I love her ~ pls let us know when a pattern will be available :)


Anonymous said...

Great work Maria, thanks for sharing at this point in the projects. I like Dracula's face a lot so perhaps your idea of a darker wool to outline it is what's needed. Maybe both pieces need darker values to outline them and then go crazy with the rest of the background. It would be like a shadow around them. I am a big sheep fan and I do like yours!