Thursday, December 29, 2011

My latest great find

While shopping a couple of weeks, I came across this amazing cloth. It is the bomb! Seriously, this cloth makes washing windows and mirrors an ease. Whenever I would clean windows or mirrors, I always had streaks....not anymore. All you do is lightly wet the cloth (actually, the less water the Better) and wipe down the surface. The cloth does the rest. I'll be honest, the lady who sold it to me said it was great but I was a little dubious. Not anymore! It makes the Task of cleaning mirrors and windows a breeze. If you can't find them online, let me know and I'll pick up one and send it your way! Maria


acorn hollow said...

That sounds like something I should have does it have a web site on it? what type of store did you get it in. and Made in the USA couldn't get any better.

rx2massey said...

Googled Window Wonder...and got Windshield Wonder and some other microfiber cloths...what store did you find this product in?

Daughternature Primitive Folk Art said...

Ooh... I'll have to try these. Thanks for posting about them. - BJ

bittersweet said...

thanks for the info, will try to find one online- my windows always have streaks, don't want to do them anyway but another thing that you have to do.
Miss seeing you. Take care and have a great new yr.

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that looks so cool!:D

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