Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Charlie Brown snowman

If you are looking for a quick little pattern to hook as a Christmas gift than this little guy is for you. Photobucket It took me about 3 hours to hook this little snowman. It is small, 7 x 13, and that is why it hooks up so quickly. I'm offering it for sale for $20.00 which includes first class mail.

Speaking of small, when I was at Barb Carroll's earlier in the month, Miss Alice saw me hooking a small rug using my quilting hoop. For years I used a hoop to hook all my rugs and she just laughed at me because the rug I was hooking barely fit into the the hoop. I was using my larger frame for the olde duck pattern and didn't want to pull my rug off to work on this smaller pattern at night. Anyways, Alice was kind enough to mention that she and Sonny sell a smaller frame that would be perfect for small rugs like this. I have the larger frame and love it so I knew the small one would work well too. And let me tell you I love that little frame also. It is perfect for those little pieces of linen that you don't want to waste but don't want to take time to sew fabric around the backing just to make it fit frame. So this little frame is a dream. I highly recommend it. For those of you that needle punch, this frame would work great for that as well. Here is the link to Alice's website where you can see this frame as well as the larger one. http://folkartprimitives-alice.com/products
Oh and I must confess, while on my way to Barb Carroll's retreat with the girls.....I stopped at Aults, http://aults.com/hooks.html , in Shelby and bought several,ahem.... let's just say several, of his Aultimatic pencil hooks....I just love them. I'm afraid Larry is going to stop making them so I keep buying them whenever I find them...and yes I bought another one at Barb's as she was selling them as well. What? A girl can never have too many hooking supplies!


Anonymous said...

Maria that is the sweetest lil rug...love him and I love the whites you used!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I agree ~ that is a sweet little pattern! You are, as I always say, a hooking machine!! You go, Miss Maria!!
And thank you for the kind words regarding our frames!! So glad this new small one is working well for you! Hook on!

HomeSpunPrims said...

Darling snowman rug Maria! I agree, you are a hooking machine! LOL

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

you rlittle snowguy is too cute Maria! love him!!! ~
Happy Thanksgiving!

Joanne said...

What a cute little snowman! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kim said...

Your little snowman is adorable. I like those quick little projects, but I seem to get bogged down with the larger ones. Maybe I'll wise up after the holidays.