Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Sweet Design by the child

I asked her to design a dog rug for my neice's baby shower and this is the sweet design. Photobucket

Isn't darling? The design had small Dots all over it which would have been impossible to do so I improvised a little. I laid the rug on the floor to get a better look at it and my pup came and sat on it. Funny how the animals always do that! So is there any doubt where she got the inspiration for this design? Just look
at that big head and ears.Photobucket
Remember the spots?

Here is the book that has inspired these new patterns. This book is so great. The pictures in it are wonderful and plentiful. The background in Susie's rugs are terrific. All you rug hookers out there should put this on your wish list. You won't be disappointed.
And for those of you that asked about Bedhead pattern, it is 13 x 10 and sells for $22 plus shipping. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Maria


HomeSpunPrims said...

Oh my goodness, Miss C has done it again! I love the doggy and yes, I can see the resemblance! LOL What a sweet pattern and gift!!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

So cute, Maria ~ and I love your doggie, too!!

Beth Twist said...

Funny... I just put that book on my wish list yesterday! Now I REALLY want it. :)

I adore the doggy rug... maybe I'll get some equally cute designs out of my little tykes once they are a bit older. I love how you are encouraging her artistry.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Maria ~ Very cute.
I love that book too. So much inspiration!

Mouse Droppings Folk Art said...

love both the rug & the dog sitting on it. Children's drawings are the best! rug looks great! Susan

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Her doggie is just as cute as Bedhead! Looks like you will have a great time working together. Cassie's rugs are wonderful! Jo

Tammy Burks said...

This is darling....of course I'm always a sucker for dogs!

WoolenSails said...

That is such a fun rug, love it.


Carrie P. said...

I want to learn rug hooking with yarn. I do some needlepunch. Would this book be good for a beginner?