Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hooked Rugs from the Past

While looking through some of my photos, I came across some rugs from the past. I hooked this rug in 1999. Back then I was selling rugs on ebay and sold this one. I wish I still had it as it is still one of my favorites. It is fun to look at older rugs and study them to see how or if your hooking has evolved throughout the years. Ten years ago, my favorite colored background was still the dark wool with motifs in brighter colored wools. Today, I still hook mainly with a dark background but my wool selection for motifs is a little more muted or primitive than in this photo.

I love this version of my lazy sheep pattern. Isn't it just great? Karin Manuel of Ohio hooked this rug. The colors she used in the rug are just wonderful. And Black sheep are my favorite. After I'm done finishing the BIG rug (tease, tease)I'm working on, I'm going to hook the Lazy Sheep similar to this one. Enjoy the weekend and Happy Hooking. Maria


HomeSpunPrims said...

Love that flag and flowers rug Maria. It is fun to see how our taste changes in our rugs. Karin did a great job on your Lazy Sheep pattern. It's one of my favorite rugs.

Lori R

Will said...

Wow, really like the patterns on these Area Rugs. Thanks for sharing them with the world! Will

Jenny Carter said...

Hi again. I left you the Noblesse Oblige Award on my wonders of whimsy blog.

Maga said...

is it posible to buy it online? I'm in Moscow, Russian Federation