Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pictures from my recent Seattle class

Isn't this version of Mister Snowman wonderful? Cathy has an amazing talent in making her rugs look painterly. I am smitten with it!

Isn't her little drummer boy great as well?

 This rug just makes me smile!  Kathy is the neatest hooker and her rugs are amazing. This rug is going to be terrific when done!
Diane wanted to learn my fake proddy method and this rug was perfect for it.  That big flower turned out incredible.
Irene was also working on my antique Santa pattern but wanted it to reflect the original more so than my version. So we reworked the border and she is adding more of a primitive teal that is in the original pattern. Love it! I think I may have to change my pattern.
Here is a closeup of the border.
Patty wanted to learn how to do the rolled circles and by the time she finished attaching the circles to the Stillwater Sheep I think she had it down.
The colors in her rug are going to be warm and lovely.
Pam was working on my Antique Star and Heart pattern In blue, red and gray colors. If your reading this Pam, you need to hook as I can't wait to see this finished!
Michelle has a great color sense and was doing a fantastic job with Winter Walk!
Don't you just love the great color combinations in Evie's something to Crow About?
Beth was working on a Spruce Ridge pattern and was willing to try new techniques like rolled circles. Lilly had added rolled circles to the bottom of her dress and it was so darling that Beth gave it a whirl.
Isn't is great?
Yes another Winter Walk and isn't it terrific? You can't see it in this picture but Lianne had me add a second snow baby to the pattern. She had great wool and put colors together really well!
Londi was working on Mister Snowman and added sweet rosy cheeks to the guys. She was using some of my glitter wool in the background. It will make a love winter sky.
Mona was having fun with Tumblin Down and was making good progress. Love her beading around the mouths of the bottoms two pumpkins.
Marla was working on Ewe Who and doing a great job. She was using glitter wool for the background and it is really going to make this rug sparkle!
Joy started two rugs and this was her version of Matilda. I love the light blue background of this rug.

Here is her second rug, O Christmas Tree.  The plaid coat is wonderful!
Diane Eaton was having fun working on my tree skirt pattern. She altered the pattern a little, to add a goatee and a wee bit of a belly to the snowguy. her colora are so Happy! Diane rocks!
Check out her purple and turquoise reindeers!
Oh and last but not least is Lilly's sweet rug.  She had me change my Hooligan pattern into all cats and isn't it just darling! She is making this into Christmas rug so the background will be a soft turquoise green. Love it!
Lilly came up with the idea of the rolled circles at the bottom of the rug! Brilliant! I think we will be seeing a lot more of this. Lilly is a trend setter!

Thanks for stopping by, Maria 


Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks for the show. Looks like great fun - but always is in your class.
Hugs ;)

Maria said...

Ahh...thanks Lauren!

Cammie said...

Looks like you had a great class!! I still need to take a class with you sometime!

Maria said...

Cammie, Great minds think alike. I'd love to take a class from you! Maria

From Sherry's Heart said...

Thank You Maria for this post!! I really enjoyed the rug show11

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

beautiful rugs!!!

Gayle said...

How fun to see all these great versions of your rug designs. Those rolled circles were popping up everywhere, huh? Looks like it was a class full of fun and talented gals.