Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meet Ms. Beulah Bones

Queen of Halloween!

Ain't she great? Kathleen was in my class at Sauder. Remember she hooked the great pumpkin?

Well she designed and hooked this gal. Don't you just love the earrings and crown? She attached Ms. Beulah Bones to the black candlestick I provided as part of the kit.

I bought candlesticks at the dollar store, spray painted them with primer and with black spray paint. After they were dry, I covered them in silver glitter glue. A little time consuming but worth the effort as they candlesticks make good bases for makedos! Til next time, Maria




Kim said...

She is positively Boo-tiful

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

Love! Love! Ms Beulah Bones!!

NMK said...

Mzzz Beulah is just Great !!!!