Monday, May 13, 2013

Sheep Mat for sale

It has been a while since I have sold a rug. Early in my hooking career, I used to sell most of the rugs that I hooked but when I started my business kept the rugs for samples. Lately, I have been hooking small mats mainly in an effort to use all those worms that accumulate from hooking larger mats but don't have the space to keep all the mats.  So I'm giving my readers and followers the option to purchase before I list on ebay. 
Here is hooked sheep mat using my worms. (I hardly made a dent in the pile!)
The first picture was taken inside and the second outside.  I'll confess that I am not the best photographer as the rug looks so much more primitive and rich in color in person. 

  It measures 12 x 14 and it is $150 plus shipping. Email me at if interested. Thanks for stopping by, Maria

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kstehens100 said...


I saw your rug displayed at Sauder Village. It was fabulous!