Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More finishes

There were several of my rugs at the Tyler rug show so I snapped a few pictures to share.  The first one is my NICK pattern.  This is way different than my rug and I so love Brenda's version of it. It looks like an antique rug to me. Love her corners and the way she outlined the dog in black. Check out the way she finished the rug, crocheted it I think.  Swoon! Now here is the interesting part....this gal's name is Brenda Barton.   I need to meet her and see if our husband's are related.
Helen hooked this rug and had some fun switching up my original pattern (I love it when people make rugs their own!)  She traded my bird for an owl.  As Helen explained to me, "it seemed more natural for an owl to be in the night sky than the bird."  I couldn't agree with her more and love the addition of the owl!  She also changed the rabbit in the lower right corner to a cat.  Perfect.

Janie was in my class and brought her completed Ohio Farmhouse to show me.  I just love the colors she used in this rug.  Check out her grassy area at the bottom.  Love the way she added movement to it
This next rug is Halloween Quartet completed by Judy.  Judy was in my class in Fredericksburg in September and worked on this rug. It's so fun to see these rugs when they are completed. Doesn't this rug just make you smile?
And the last rug for today's post is Karen's rug.  What a wonderful rug this is as well.  I just love the background in this rug (it doesn't show up very well in this picture) but it looks like it is snowing.
I have a few more finished rugs to share so stay tuned.  Happy Fourth of July to everyone!   Maria

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HomeSpunPrims said...

Fun to see how others have hooked some of your designs. I've enjoyed seeing the rugs from Tyler. Makes me want to get hooking again. I hope to be very soon! Your stacked pumpkins are next on my list. Hugs, Lori