Friday, December 31, 2010

Inquiring minds want to know......

I've had many questions about my blog challenge and my antique santa and reindeer rugs. The burning questions are 1) where did I find the felted balls that I used in my hanger for my challenge project and 2) Will I part with my dye formula for the face in the Santa and Reindeer rug?

The felted balls are from Ally Strebel of Kindred Spirits and here is her contact information...."

Those felted balls are the bomb...Just think of all the ways to embellish your rug hooking or sewing projects.....Top of hats, hangers (like my challenge project) or try stringing a few from the bottom of the rug to add a little whimsy. The possibilities are many!

As for the flesh colored dye formula for my santa rug.....can't give it to you because, I don't know it...BUT I do know where you can buy the wool. My pal Kris Miller sells the wool and it is just perfect for flesh toned projects. You can contact her here:"

Inquiring minds now know!.........................Have a Merry and Joyful day! Maria

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And you have a Happy Safe New Year!