Monday, October 12, 2009

The last batch of pictures from Star of Texas Rug Camp

New patterns will be coming in a week or so. I just finished one tonight that tickles my fancy. A couple of whimsical Halloween patterns and one new winter themed rug. In the meantime, I'll finish showing the last of the rugs from camp.
The first picture is rug adapted from a postcard. Mary Jo did a wonderful job hooking this Jack Russell terrier. The dog seems so alive and looks like he could walk right off the canvas.

The next rug is by Shirley. Didn't she do a terrific job with the colors in this
rug. The clothes on the snow family are great.I can't wait to see this rug when it is finished.

Terri from Nebraska worked on the Pearl, Laverne and Mae pattern and her roosters are
to die for. The wool colors are so rich and warm. You can't see it in the picture but for the circles on the middle rooster, she coiled the wool and it looks fabulous. People kept oohing an ahhing about how neat it looked. Keep hooking Terri!

Next up is Kristi and I love what she is doing with this pattern. The
rug looks so much better in person. Very dark and primitive. I just
love it.

Here is a picture of a finished rug by Kristi. You can see her wonderful sense of color in this rug.

Connie was hooking a Magdalina Briner style rug and doing a great job on
it. Hooking a rug in this "hit or miss" fashion can be somewhat daunting
but she did great with it.

Karen was hooking a pattern called nesting and was very open to hooking
outside her box. Throughout the nest, Karen pulled up wool at different
heights to give the nest dimension. She also pulled the loops of the rooster tails very high to give the tail depth and mixed in some wool yarn just for fun. This rug is going to be terrific when done.

Connie was hooking an Edyth ONeal pattern and it was coming along well.
She used a lot of Paisley in this rug and it made it look so special.
Connie is one of the fastest hookers ever and did a great job with this

Last but not least is Sue's rug which I love. She did a fabulous job
with this pattern incorporating many different techniques such as
beading and coiled or rolled wool for flowers. She is making this rug into a
pillow. Go Buckeyes! (inside joke)

Thanks to all my students. It sure was a great experience and
I encourage you to attend this camp if you ever get the opportunity.
Cythnia and Katie do such an incredible job hosting this camp.

While looking through some pictures, I found a few from Sauder that I thought I'd share. Both are new patterns from Wendy Miller, The Red Saltbox. Aren't they wonderful? Til next time, Maria


Anonymous said...

loved the pictures. thanks for sharing and inspiring.

kelley said...

great photos Maria!

Joanne said...

Thanks for sharing Maria - love seeing what everyone is working on...

Twice Nice said...

What a wonderfully talented group! Thanks for sharing the photos and inspiration.