Monday, September 1, 2008

Meet the real Mister Iggy

Isn't he a great looking cat? Yes, he is the inspiration for my free rug hooking pattern in latest Rug Hooking Magazine. If you haven't seen a copy of Rug Hooking Magazine, you might want to buy one. Not only is there a free pattern of one of my whacky and whimsical Halloween patterns, there are some great articles as well. Wendy Miller of the Red Salt Box wrote about gravestone rugs and it is an informative article. Also there is an article about copyright infringement...again an informative article.

For your viewing pleasure, here is another one of my Halloween hooked rugs. This one is called Tilda and is available as a pattern for $28. Have a great week. Maria


moosecraft said...

Oh Maria! Iggy is just so handsome! Love how his markings resemble a mustache and beard! Absolutely adorable!

JoJo said...

Maria, as a mom to 6 furry creatures that meow, I'm very pleased to meet the real Mr. Iggy! What a handsome boy he is.

woolyredrug said...

Hi Maria,
Iggy is just charming! Thanks so much for sharing him with all of us thru your contributions to Rug Hooking Magazine!

I have a little surprise for you on my blog...Stop over and get it when you have a minute!

Wooly Hugs, Laurie

PS...Your books are on the way!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi there!! RHM just came and how happy I am to have your free pattern!! You is a good girl, Maria!!! And the real Mr. Iggy is very cute!!
Glad to see you posting again ~ I missed you!

kelley said...

Iggy is quite the wonder you had to design a rug for him! Now I'm going to have to buy a copy of RHM...

WoolenSails said...

Still waiting for them to hit the store, can't wait to see the new issue. Iggy is a sweetie. Tuxedo's have so much personality and mine was the inspiration for a few of mine, as well. Sadly he disappeared this spring.

Keep up the beautiful and fun patterns, love your designs.


Cinigee said...

How does one go about getting one of your patterns? I saw one in rug hooking magazine, but when I went to your says your website is closed.


Brenis said...

GOOD LUCK today Maria!!!!!! :)