Sunday, March 9, 2008

Picture in Rug Hooking Magazine

on page 50 of the March/April/May 2008 edition shows a picture of the sisters rugs that Wendy Miller, The Red Saltbox, and I hooked for our sister rugs at Sauder Village last summer.
Here is the link for Sauder Village which hosts great classes and a wonderful rug show each August.
For the rug show at Sauder last August, participants partnered up with another rug hooker (friend or sister) and hooked the same design. Alot of hookers participated and it was neat to see two rugs side by side hooked with different color palette. Here is my picture of the sister rug.
It is one of Wendy's designs, Deer Fraktur, from her antique inspired pattern line. Visit her at Her patterns are just wonderful.

Ok, I have to give equal billing to my two kitty cats. Meet Iggy.

He is such a handsome cat and perfectly marked. And here is my sweet Maggie named after my favorite rug hooker Magdalena Briner.

She is the sweetest little kittie! Maria


Anonymous said...

Maria I love the deer rug and I am curious as to what rug Iggy is standing on? Is that one of your hooked rugs? Please share with us.

Maria said...

Kim, It is a rug that I purchased from my Sister-in-law's shop in Peninsula, Ohio. Maria