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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wishing Spring were here

We were greeted with rain today. Our poor little River Birch tree is taking a beating. I do love how it makes the trees look but am not fond of what it does to driving conditions and what it does to the POWER. Luckily, we still have power, at least for now. Here's a picture of my driveway. It looks like an ice rink.

I've been hooking away on my Mr. Rabbit rug. I love the design but yes, I am struggling with color. Here is a picture of the wools that I pulled to use in the rug.
Wow, had I seen this picture before I started hooking, I wouldn't have even attempted to use these wools in a rug. That pink wool is ok for bubblegum but not my rug! When you are hooking a rug and have hooked some of the design and come to a halt because of color issues, the experts suggest you take a picture of the rug and study it. The experts say that the picture of the rug can give you a different perspective and help you see the wool colors that you need to use. Now that tip makes sense to me having seen this picture of my wool for my Mr. Rabbit rug. Had I taken a picture of the wool before hooking, I wouldn't have even attempted to make these wools work.

Here is a picture of a rug that I hooked several years ago. Don't you just love the little chicks. I'll be adding this pattern to my website soon.

Have a restful Sunday. Maria

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Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Maria, the little chicks are cute as can be! Hope the weather is improving near you.... Button up your overcoat, when the wind blows! Jo