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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Design Process

I've been working on some new designs for Spring and hope to have them on my website soon. The other day I was drawing out one of my new designs and thought I'd share with you my creative process. When I design a new pattern, I just start doodling and tweaking until I come up with a design I like. You can see from this partial line drawing all the eraser and smudge marks this design has gone through while tweaking it. I am still trying to decide what Mr. Rabbit will be pushing in his wheel barrel. Maybe a chick or a pot of tulips.

Once the line drawing is finished, I enlarge the pattern and transfer it to my linen and start hooking. Oftentimes when I hook the pattern, I change the pattern as the line drawing doesn't always translate from paper to hooking as I had planned. When I'm done hooking the rug, I trace over the design using freezer paper and redraw the design. Maybe a little unorthodox but it works for me!

As for hooking the rug, rarely after I organize the wool for my rug do I use all of it in the rug. Actually, you should see my studio after I start hooking a rug. It is a disaster! I find myself pulling more and more wool to try in the rug and doing more reverse hooking than hooking. After 15 years , you would think it would get easier to color plan a rug but color continues to be a daily struggle for me. When I begin to hook this rug, I'll post some pictures of the rug in progress and the reverse hooking. Maria

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