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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

You guessed it

Another unfinished rug. As you can see,  all I have to do on this rug is hook the background and the crow.

You have to wonder why I set these rugs aside when they are so close to being finished. I think it is because the challenging part for me is color planning. Once I have the rug color planned, I'm ready for the next challenge all the while thinking "I'll finish the 'almost done rug' later in the week." Well let me tell you that does not happen. 

Part of the reason I designed this rug was to try my hand at hooking leaves. With all the worms I have it was easy to play with color in each of the leaves. I simply added a contrasting vein to the leaves and voila, a leave.

For the most part I'm happy with the leaves except for that purple one in the top left. That one will have to be reworked. The shape of the orange one of the top right also needs some attention.
As always, thanks for stopping by, Maria 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Depth perception

Recently I taught a class in Manistee, Michigan for a delightful group of hookers. They asked me to design several patterns for them to choose from and this was one of the patterns. What I didn't realize when I designed it was (for a primitive hooker like me) what an exercise in depth perception this pattern would be for me. 
When I hooked the  pattern, my fence was nearly as tall as my barn which was not good. I also realized I had to break up the background to create some more depth in the pattern. Color is a great way to create depth but so is direction. Between the sky and ground there is adequate contrast however between the two grass colors, I needed more differentiation than just the colors.
This is where I hooked the lower grass on an angle. I also hooked a very narrow dark beauty line between the sky and two patches of grass which helps separate the areas. 
After taking this picture and studying it, I can see I need to correct a few things. Looking at your rug through the eye of a camera helps you really get a good feel for how your rug looks. In mine, I can see that I need to add dark faces and ears to my little sheep in the background.
 Also, see that pesky orange piece of wool in the second layer  of grass on the left side? It looked great when I hooked it. Yeah, well that will be coming out of the rug. 
In the first picture can you see all those holes on the right side of the sheep?  That was another attempt to create some separation between the grasses. I had hooked the lower level of grasses in higgly piggly Deane Fitzpatrick style but it didn't look right so out it came. Here is what it used to look like. It just didn't work. I reverse hook a lot, how about you? 
Hopefully, I'll finish this rug in the next days and will post a finished picture of it. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Working on unfinished projects

Do you have any unfinished projects?  I know I have blogged about unfinished projects in the past and vowed to work on the pile but have I?  No!  Instead that pesky pile has continued to grow. 

I'd show you some unfinished rugs but that would take me away from working on them! (Chuckle)  Here is one that is nearing completion and headed to eBay. This rug was started last fall and it was an attempt to reduce my worm pile. That too is another blog post, the worm pile...

If anyone is interested, I'll offer this rug as a pattern. It is 12 x 15 and is $30 plus $3 for shipping. Thanks for stopping by, Maria 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Selling rugs on ebay

I'm thinning out my rugs and selling them on ebay. It is hard to let rugs go but really how many rugs does one person really need?  5, 10, 20.......well I'm way north  of that number so it is time to thin them out and make room for some new ones I'm hooking. (Don't even get me started about how many rugs I have started but haven't finished)

I have several Fall and Halloween themed rugs that I will be listing over the next couple of weeks. So without further adieu, the first rug is this sweet little white pumpkin mat.

 I've listed it on EBay and you can find it Here . It is 7.5 x 10.5 inches and hooked with 100% wool. 

If you are interested in this pattern to hook, it is $16 plus shipping of $3. I can also make up a limited number of kits (6)  for $34.00.  

As always, thanks for stopping by, Maria 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

What does the fox say?

Are any of you familiar with this song? Well, let me tell you, I am. I've heard it nearly everyday during hockey season. The squirt hockey team I helped coached this year played it repeatedly in the locker room and all the kids, and I mean every single time, stood up and danced and sang to this silly, cute song. You can see the video of it HERE

Catchy little tune, eh?

I think the kids like it so much because it almost sounds like the fox is saying "hockey, hockey,hockey  ho". But I'm pretty sure that isn't the case but the kids had fun with it.
So I had to hook the fox in tribute to the squirts this year.

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it. Maybe mount the little guy on a canvas with the saying "What does the fox say".  Stay tuned! Maria

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A couple of more photos from Holland

Judy was working on a Karen Kahle pattern and was doing fantastic capturing the magic of her style of hooking. The hit or miss in the background is so good! it. 

Carol was having fun with my ATHA pumpkin runner pattern. The colors she is working with are perfectly Halloweeny. 
I came back from lunch one day and there was a whole lot of giggling and laughter coming from Carol's side of the table and I wandered over to find this! Can you see that funky eye? Carol had loosened up a rolled circle to let it pop up. Very clever!

Nan was working on a Maggie B pattern and it was coming together nicely. The colors are so primitive. This is on Nan's second rug and let me tell you she is a pro!  This too is going to be fantastic when completed. 

As always, thanks for stopping by, Maria 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another rug in progress from Holland

Be still my heart - look what Bea was hooking at Holland Rug Camp!  Her rendition of my Two Sheep and Star pattern makes me smile. From the wonderful background which combines a mixture of textures of rusty tweeds, orange herringbones and many more wools........
to the terrific way she was mixing the wool to give the sheep fleece movement. I had suggested wool yarn or faux pixelating to give the sheep more texture and depth but this rug is going on the floor so Bea was limited in her options for hooking the sheep to make him look realistic. By hooking the wool in a wavy pattern and mixing up the wools, it looks perfect. 
Oh that eye........sigh! 
I can't wait until this rug is finished! Maria