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Monday, February 22, 2010

Pictures from Barb Carroll's Magdalena Briner workshop

What a fun workshop Barb Carroll put on for us. Barb is such a great teacher and I learned so much during this workshop. Thanks to the Aults for hosting this workshop and being such gracious hosts.
Let me first say, this was not your average workshop though as she allowed us to design our own rugs using templates from Magdalena Briner's rugs. There were dogs,sheep,donkeys,horses, crows,roosters, rabbits or a goat depending on your perspective,snakes, ducks,leaves,and hearts shapes to use in designing your rug. Barb provided us all with a canvas with some shapes on the linen and we were to choose what other motifs we wanted to add to the rug.
As you can see from the pictures below, everyone had their favorite motifs to add to their rugs. I did not want to hook so many small designs so I enlarged five of the animals and used them in the design of my rug. Photobucket After we drew our pattern, we started to color plan our rug. Barbara really pushed us to do our own color planning. She had a ton and I do mean ton of wool in all the colors of the rainbow...well primitive rainbow. We had to pick our background wool first and we had a choice of 5 different color palettes. Of course I picked my usual dark background wool. After choosing our wool, we started by working on one motif. I chose the cat and used many different wools in the cat. After I was finished with the cat, I moved on to the next motif.
Barb, in her gentle way, coaxed me into using some wool that I wouldn't otherwise use and I'm so glad she did as I just love the look of this rug. As usual, my rug looks very typical of most of my rugs, dark background, with the brighter primitive colors. No matter how much I try to break this pattern, I always end up hooking rugs in this color palette. I think I need to quit fighting it and embrace it. The next two pictures are of Mary and her rug. Mary is a delightful woman that I had the pleasure of meeting in Ligoner at a Barb Carroll workshop. I've hooked with her four different times now and she is such a wonderful gal. PhotobucketPhotobucket
This is Jackie who is a good friend of Mary's. Jackie is a hoot and I enjoyed meeting her and sharing the hooking experience with her. She taught me how to proddy while at the workshop.
This is Jackie's rug and it was great.

The next rug picture is Pam's rug. Isn't it great?

The next picture is of Dea. She sat behind during the workshop and was such a sweet lady. I didn't get a good picture of her rug, but she was the only one of us that added a snake to her rug. It was this awesome green snakey color.
This is Bobbie's rug. She is a fellow hooker from Michigan. I love how she used all different textures in her rug. Photobucket<

I took the remaining pictures to give you an idea of all the different designs and color palettes. This is Tammy's rug....
Next is Roxanne's rug...she is a fellow Michiganian....

Up next is Peggy's rug. She added a llama to her rug design.
I don't know the name of the person who hooked this rug, but I love the blue water she put around her duck.
The next two rugs are Barb Carroll's designs and were hooked by Mary and Tammy. I wanted to show them to you 1)because they are both beautiful but 2) because it amazes me how the same pattern can look so different.

The last picture is TV cabinet that I saw on my way back home that I should have purchased.....
Thanks for stopping by. Maria


ShabbySheep said...

I have absolutely loved every Magnolena Briner rug I have ever seen. I saw one at Lenexa, Ks that was all hand torn at least 1 inch strips. Beautiful!!! And the template idea, though nothing new just clicked on like a lightbulb in my little brain for drawing rugs! Thank you so much for that click on!!!
xo, Sheri

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful rug show, loved seeing the rugs and the girls hooking. Nice piece of furniture. We have a store that carries that type of furniture. We have gotten pieces like that in black finishes.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Your rug looks great, Maria!! And you are right ~ embrace your color palette ~ it's beautiful just the way it is!! Would have loved to hook up with Mary and you but it wasn't working out!

passot0 said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a wonderful workshop. Can't wait to see the finished rugs! Donna

Lori said...

Absolutely stunning rugs!
Thanks so much, Maria, for sharing your day with us...I know we all wish we could have been there...I would have loved to hook with you & Bobbie!

Blessings from the Farm ~

Cabin Creek Farm ♥ said...

Embrace it Maria because you have a way with that palette of colors...your rugs are always beautiful!! I am so glad you posted the pics of the star rug as I am working on that same rug. That star rug is an antique one that I have seen hooked mostly in reds white and blacks so nice to see it done up differently.
All the rugs are beautiful, I bet you all had so much fun.

Jessica said...

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Rugs and Pugs said...

Maria ~
Thank you for sharing the rugs. It is always a pleasure to see basically the same pattern hooked in so many different ways.

Julie said...

Hi Maria! I loved your post of the class. I have been posting about it too, but I am only putting a few pics on at a time to keep um coming back for more. Stop over & have a peek if you have time. Your rug looks great!